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Frenquent Ask Questions

1. How does the attcalling Card differ from your other cards?

The phonecards(PIN's) along with detail information appear right way after your completion. Same information also are delivered to you by e-mail. Faster, safer and convinient.

2. What is the difference between local access and toll free access?

Local access numbers are the phone numbers in your area in which you can use your phone card. Typically, these numbers carry no long distance charges which make the calling rates for local access numbers cheaper. That is, you can get more minutes from your phone card by using a local access number. However, during heavy usage periods (like holidays), these numbers can be overloaded.

Toll free access numbers are the phone numbers that start with 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, 1-866, etc. By using a toll free number, you are charged a slightly higher rate because your phone call is routed using the least busy line. Therefore, you have slightly fewer minutes but usually have less busy signals from the toll free access number.

3. When will the phone card start charging?

Minutes are deducted from your card balance after the other party has pick up the call.

4. How are these cards shipped?

The phonrcards pin number (password) will be delivers to you by e-mailed within a few seconds after you submit your payment.

5. I prefer to have the actual physical card. Can I have the phone mail to me?

Yes. If you prefer the phone card to be mail to you. If you want pay by credit card please call us. For other payments, we can send it to you when we get your actual payment.

6. How do I pay for my order?

We accept Visa, MasterCard.
(* because of our new system, Discover, American Express temporarily blocked).

7. How to place an order?

Click on the Order link to make your order. Your PIN and calling instruction will be mail to you within few seconds after you submit your payment.

8. How do I use my phonecard?

Click on each phone card(PIN) to get dialing instructions.

9. Can I call anywhere in the world with your cards?

Yes. Please check the rate to find out which phone card best fit your need.

10. Can I use your cards outside of the United States to make calls?

Currently our phonecards are usable in U.S. (48 states and territories) and Canada.

11. Is it any sub-charge or connection fee?

All phone cards have No Surcharge or No Connection Fee.

12. Are the cards refundable?


13. What if I have problems with the cards?

We are proud of the quality of our products. They should perform satisfactory nearly all of the time. However, you will still receive a customer service number to call from us by e-mail or you can write an email to our Technical Support.

14. Are these phone cards have connection fee and monthly charges?

Click on each phone card for more detail information.

15. When is the phone card expires?

Click on each phone card for more detail information.

16. How can I become an attcalling Card distributor?

You are always welcome to be part of our team. To learn more how to be an distributor, please send an e-mail to And, our representative will contact you as soon as possible.

17. What is the phone card increment?

Click on each phone card for more detail information.

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