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是一个以光纤网络为主体的国际通讯服务公司。公司总部设在美国Los Angles。自2000年推出国际预付电话卡的网上代销业务(以来,用户直线上升。公司提供高品质的国际光纤电话卡,特别是打往中国大陆及港台地区的国际电话卡网上服务, 公司以诚信为本,注重产品质量及售后服务。本公司电话卡部近期与海外三强网之一千网合并,服务范围覆盖海外各地几百万华人。 本公司特色:精心筛选,保证品质,廉价保险。

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好易通123(Sold: 83357)
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好易通亚洲回拨(Sold: 9995)

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好易通电话卡总汇 (
US Service Group:


1). 本网(已完成于千网合并。将来你的帐单将显示www.1000site.com你也可从千网进入。 本网仍然使用

2). 如果你有任何问题, 最好最快的联系方式是用电信( 第二种方式是打给你分区客户代理(美国):703-589- 0126

3). 由于总分钟数的改变(多数情况是增加),卡价有可能在变动(比如上次价是$9。5,现价涨至$10。5)。所以购买前请着重注意卡的费率(¢/分),不需考虑卡价高低!

Keep in mind that the card you ordered may change price, name and picture in future. The value of your card will never change! Information

Welcome to an easy way to buy your prepaid phone cards online. Once your order is approved our system will automatically e-mail the PIN number(s) so you can begin using your card immediately. You also can access your account via our web site by enter your email and password you provided. Please enter correct street number and zip code along with your card number and expr date.

Return Policy
All sales are final, no exchange or refund will be granted once the pin number is delivered to the customer via e-mail.

Security Information
All online transactions at web site are handled with highest industry-standard SSL encryption as we take the issue of security seriously. Every time you send us your credit card number and your billing and shipping information. We use the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to prevent the information from being intercepted. Also, your credit card number will never store when your order is completed. You need to enter your card number again when you order next time.

Shipping and Ordering
If we have already verified your account(credit card), you order will be sent automatically within seconds. There is no shipping charge for e-mail delivery of orders. If the order is not approved, you'll receive instant message on next page explaining reason or requesting more information. If you have any questions about the order please email us at Someone will reponse in few hours during business hours from 9:00am to 10:00pm est.

We try to maintain up to date information about product rates and services on our website. However we must disclaim this information to you for your knowledge.

1 Rates may be higher on calls to Cellular phones.
2 Rates are subject to change without notice. Although this does not happen often.
3 Calls from pay phone are subject to an additional charge
4 Calling Card or PINs are Non Refundable, Non Transferable and Non Exchangeable.
5 Monthly, BI-monthly, weekly maintenance fee & taxes may apply on certain phone cards.
6 Minute information is based on entire card is used in one single call.

If you need any further information please emal to US Service for further assistance.



* 信用卡网上加密证书
SSL Certificate Authority Since you will be providing sensitive personal and financial information we have taken careful attention to ensure that our application is completely secure and that all transmitted data passes through SSL encryption for your protection. You can verify your secure connection by Please click on the secure lock icon at the bottom of this window.
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